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FTX Down Pilot 2018

FTX Down Pilot18


Friday June 1st to Sunday June 3rd 2018


Wednesday April 18th 2018


Midnight on Wednesday May 23rd. Late registrations will not be possible.


Drop off: 1800hrs @ Camp Eaglewood (9715 Morning Glory Rd, Pefferlaw, ON L0E 1N0)

Pick up: 1500hrs @ Camp Eaglewood

See link below for a map to the location.


This is a Senior Survival Field Training Exercise for Level 3, 4 & 5’s who have demonstrated an ability to apply survival skills taught during the training year. This is no ordinary FTX - this FTX is meant to challenge the survival skills of our Senior Cadets.


Cadets will have an opportunity to test their survival skills by simulating what it would be like to survive in a survival scenario



FTX Down Pilot

Survival Scenario:

Level 3,4 & 5 Cadets from 94 Squadron are flying east of Newmarket, when their aircraft loses power and crash lands in the forest. No one is hurt; however they know they are at least two days, one night away from being rescued. Following their training, the cadets are forced to build a survival site, which consists of:

§  a learn-to or “A” frame style shelter, large enough to fit everyone in their group

§  a fire, firewood supply and fire wall

§  a latrine

§  a wash point

§  a food storage point

§  camp crafts

§  and a signal (air-to-ground or fire)

Cadets should be prepared to stay in the shelter they created, providing it is made correctly and the weather is appropriate.

            Survival groups will consist of 5-6 cadets and separate groups will be made for male and female cadets.

Group Survival Challenges:

Throughout the day on Saturday & Sunday morning, survival groups will be presented with four survival challenges. Challenges will be 20-minute group activities, with a focus on a particular aircrew survival skill. If the group completes the activity successfully, they will receive a prize to help them with their survival site (an extra ground sheet, extra food, firewood, matches, etc.) Cadets are encouraged to review their aircrew survival and first aid skills prior to attending the FTX.

Survival Kits:

Each Cadet MUST bring a survival kit. The survival kit should be packed into a “coffee can” holding no more than 39 oz or 1.1 kgs. The survival kit should include:

§  Food – enough to last 2 days in a survival scenario,

and be easily prepared on site.

§  Flagging Tape

§  First Aid Supplies

§  Plastic bag(s)

§  Rope or Twine

§  Reflector/mirror

§  Matches, a lighter and/or a candle

§  Snare wire/ fishing line & hook

*Cadets may bring their survival kits with them on Wednesday May 30th to be evaluated and provided with feedback before the start of the FTX.

Kit List:

            In addition to the survival kit, Cadets will be allowed to bring in a small bag or backpack:

§  Sleeping Bag/Pillow

§  Jacket/rain pants

§  Appropriate outdoor clothing for the duration of the FTX

(consider the weather)

§  Boots

§  Water bottle

§  Olive drab style combats (optional)

§  One Survival Knife/Swiss Army style pocket Knife

(*the blade may not exceed 4 inches)

§  Hygiene Kit

§  a wrist watch (not a cellphone)

§  Sunscreen/bug spray

Cadets will NOT be allowed to bring cell phones, other electronics, camping stoves, lanterns, fuel, ground sheets, air mattresses, axes or saws.

The purpose of this exercise is to provide Level 3,4 ,& 5 cadets with an opportunity to apply the aircrew survival skills taught throughout the training year in a safe and controlled environment. An adult supervisor will always around while cadets are in their “survival scenario”, and any cadets who act in a dangerous or unprofessional manner will be removed from the exercise.

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Activity Date 06-01-2018 6:00 pm
Activity End Date 06-03-2018 3:00 pm
Registration Start Date 04-18-2018
Registered 5
Cut off date 05-23-2018
Drop off/Pick up Location:
Camp Eaglewood
9715 Morning Glory Rd, Pefferlaw, ON L0E 1N0, Canada
Camp Eaglewood
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