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Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence

The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Cadet Medal of Excellence is awarded in recognition for individual endeavours in citizenship that meet or enhance the aims and objectives of the cadet movement. The Royal Canadian Legion sponsors the program. Read More… View CATO

 RCLME 146x300 Summary Selection Criteria:

- Met all the requirements of the squadrons mandatory training programs.

- Be highly active in community service activities.

Regarded by peers and superiors as exemplifying the model cadet. Enhanced the cadet squadron through:

– Cooperation with peers and subordinates

– Leadership

– Promoting goodwill and morale within the squadron

Squadron Recipients:

FSgt R. Tirone 2014
WO2 R. Goodall 2015
FSgt M. Unsworth 2016
WO2 S. Zwicker 2017