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The Squadron Effective Speaking Team

 The 2017 Effective Speaking videos can now be viewed by following the links below.

Prepared Speeches - https://youtu.be/rhyln0q5SbI

Impromptu Speeches - https://youtu.be/ytNgQjjPf4U



Topics for the 2018 Effective Speaking Competition

  • The Importance of Today’s Youth in Building Canada’s Future
  • How does Volunteerism Play a Role in the Life of Your Community or Squadron?
  • Humour is the Best Medicine
  • How Space Exploration can lead to Scientific Advances on Earth?
  • The Role Indigenous People have played in Canada’s Heritage
  • How has Canada Changed the Face of Aviation?
  • Lest We Forget
  • How do you balance your Cadet career with the rest of your life?
  • Cadet’s Choice of Topic on either of the Categories: Cadet Life, Aviation, Science and Technology or Canadian History or Citizenship


Competition Dates:

94 Squadron Competition - Wednesday February 7 2018

Zone Competition: March 2017 location to be announced

Contact: CI Dolla Ahmon

Email: dollaahmon@rogers.com



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