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Cadet Awards & Recognitions

Awards and recognitions are a key part of the Air Cadet Program. Cadets are eligable for a range of National and Squadron Level Awards. 
Squadron Awards are presented at our Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) and at our Annual Awards Dinner held in June of each training year. 
Awards recipients are selected based on the recommendations of Level 5 Cadets and Squadron Officers, Instructors and Volunteers. A committee of Level 5 Cadets meets in May of each training year to make recommendations for award recipients.

Cadet Awards

Air Cadet Service Medal

The Air Cadet League of Canada has created an award to recognize continuous meritorious cadet service of at least four years by deserving air cadets. To qualify for this award, a serving cadet must have successfully completed four years of honourable service with no serious infractions, and be recommended by the Squadron Commanding Officer. Furthermore, eligible service is portable between air cadet squadrons. Air Cadets are also eligible to receive a Bar for the Air Cadet Service Medal for each year of training completed beyond the four year qualifying period. A rosette is provided for the undress ribbon.