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Absence Report


Please complete this form in advance of an absence from a Mandatory or Optional Training Activity.


Important Information:

  • Cadets are recorded as either “absent excused” or “absent” by the Administration Officer.
  • Absences can have a negative effect on a cadets training progression or selection for promotion, leadership positions, summer training positions or recreational trips.
  • Completing this form does not automatically result in the cadet being marked as “absent excused”.
  • Cadets are marked as “absent excused” by the Administration Officer when the reason for the absence is deemed legitimate. Legitimate reasons for absences may include illness, family or school related absences.
  • Cadets who repeatedly report their absence as “illness, family or school related” after the second instance will require further substantiation for their absence in order to be marked as “absent excused” by the Administration Officer.
  • Wednesday Parade Nights are considered Mandatory Training Activities. Cadets that attend less than 60% of Wednesday Parade Nights will not progress to the next training level in September. For more information on Prolificacy Level Training Requirements – click here.
  • To qualify for the Perfect Attendance Award at the end of the training year, a cadet must have no more than two excused absences and no unexcused absences for all mandatory training activities. 

Questions in regards to cadet attendance and requesting a leave of absence should be directed to the AdminO. Email:

Absence Reports

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