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Cadet Field Training Uniform

Ref: CATO 55-04 para. E.

Cadets are authorized to wear the Cadet Field Training Uniform (colour, olive green) during Squadron Survival Exercises. Headdress (the wedge or blue beret with the Air cadet hat insignia, wide-brimmed tan summer hat or toque) and cadet rank slip-ons shall be worn with the cadet field training uniform. Cadet field training uniforms obtained by cadets for Squadron training shall not be taken/worn at a summer training centre. The CADPAT is the current CF field combat clothing uniform. The wearing of CADPAT by cadets is not permitted in any circumstances.

 CFU Jacket CFU Pants   CFU Boots CADPAT No
Cadets are not allowed to wear CADPAT. Only Olive Green. 

Important Notes about the Cadet Field Training Uniform:

  • Combats are optional, cadets are not required to wear them on field training exercises
  • The Squadron will not reimburse the cost to purchase combats for any reason
  • Combats must be solid olive green, the wearing of other military patterns, including CADPAT is not permitted.
  • When wearing combats, you must wear a “full kit”, a full kit would include, a headdress (beret, Sqn Baseball cap, tilly hat or toque) a tunic/jacket, blue t-shirt, pants & boots. The only exception is a civilian winter jacket may be worn in cold conditions.

Local Stores:

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