Proficiency Level Requirements
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Every cadet is responsible for knowing the requirements to pass their training level. At the start of each training year, a class is held with their Level Officer to go over the requirements to pass the proficiency level. If cadets have questions, they should speak with their level officer.

Bellow is a brief overview of the proficiency level requirements:

  • A minimum 60% attendance in mandatory training is required for all levels.
Level Requirements

What are Mandatory Training Activities?

Mandatory Training Activities include every Wednesday Night, Sports Nights, Fitness Nights, Squadron Sports Day, Range Day, Summer Biathlon Training Day, Squadron Air Skills Day, 1 Remembrance activity per cadet, Survival Exercises, Annual Practice & the Annual Ceremonial Review.

What are Optional Training Activities?

Simply, everything else! Drill Team, Band, Range, Effective Speaking, Ground School, fundraising activities, and any other weekend activity not listed above under “mandatory activities”. Although these activities aren’t mandatory, not attending can have a negative impact on a cadet. For example, attending fundraising activities is optional, but not attend could limit the cadet from attending optional activities which the fundraised are used for, such as the march break trip. If you have questions, please speak with your level officer.