Summer Training

Congratulations to all those cadets selected for a summer training course!


General Training (GT) – Trenton CTCClare D, Fakhim F, Javier L, Kamath M, Leigh S, Leung A, Moroney G, Ndeka J, Porub I, Shankar A, Tanel T, Trombatore G, Zhao A, Zhao J. 

Advanced Aviation Course (AAC) – Trenton CTC – Clare N.

Basic Aviation Course (BAC) – Trenton CTC – Palacios P.

Basic Aviation Technology & Aerospace Course (BATAC) – Trenton CTC – McKinley L.

Basic Drill & Ceremonial Course (BDCC-Air) – Blackdown CTC – McEwen M, McIntyre S, White O.

Basic Survival Course (BSC) – Blackdown CTC – Bawden E, Dubeau S, Dutta V, Gallant D. 

Basic Sports & Fitness Course (BSFC) – Blackdown CTC - McKinley A, Yegupov S. 

Basic Pipe Band (PB-BM) – Blackdown CTC TBA

Air Rifle Marksmanship Course – Connaught CTC McKenzie M. 

Drill & Ceremonial Instructor Course (DCIC) – Trenton CTC – Carvalho D.

Fitness & Sports Instructors Course (FSIC) – Blackdown CTC – TBA

Survival Instructor Course (SIC) – Blackdown CTC – Wozniak D.

Advanced Training – Staff Cadet – Bautista J, Faria I, Kipling K, Pinto J, White E. 


Offers of participation will be updated over the coming months. Cadets & Parents will be contacted directly once an offer of participation becomes available. 

There will be a Summer Training Pre-Departure Meeting on Monday June 18th - 7:30 at the Optimist Hall to review the Joining Instructions, Transportation Orders and other important information. All Cadets attending a course must attend with a parent/guardian.


Summer Training Contact Officers:

Primary Contact

Secondary Contact

Lt Slack


Capt Wilson



Joining Instructions:


Joining Instructions are provided by RCSU Central to provide most of the basic information Cadets & parents need. Please select the joining instructions based on the training centre you are attending:

Trenton CTC - TBA

Blackdown CTC - TBA

Connaught CTC - TBA

Canadore CTC- TBA


Travel Orders/Travel Information:


IMPORTANT: All Cadets meeting a bus, must arrive 1 hour prior to departureIf Bus transportation is provided, Cadets are expected to take the bus. If a parent wishes to drive their cadet to the training centre, notice must be given at least 2 weeks in advance in order to change the travel orders. Failure to do so will result in unnecessary transportation costs for the Cadet program.  




***All Cadets meeting a bus, must arrive 1 hour prior to departure!

Staff Cadets - Individual orders will be emailed to you. 

Blackdown CTC - Parents must drive cadets to Blackdown CTC, Directions are in Joining Instructions - Drop off on Sunday July 8th between 1000-1400 hrs. 

Trenton CTC - TBA

Connaught CTC - TBA

Canadore CTC - TBA



Travel Orders for cadets returning from Summer Training will be posted here, about 1 week prior to travel day. 

Trenton CTC - Parent Pick Up List - TBA

Blackdown CTC - Return Bus - TBA

Blackdown CTC - Parent Pick Up List - TBA

Canadore CTC - Return Bus - TBA


Graduation Parades:

Graduation Parade dates are listed in the Joining Instructions for each training centre. A reminder to parents, if you are planning on picking your cadet up from the training centre, you must indicate so on the “Cadet Transportation Form” (also located in the Joining Instructions) which must be submitted on the first day of the course.


What do I need to have before I leave for Summer Training?


A copy of your signed Offer of Participation 

All the required items listed on the Kit List (See joining instructions)

A signed copy of the Code of Conduct – Course Cadets

A signed copy of the Cadet Transportation Form

A signed copy of the Parent/Guardian Leave Form – if applicable 

A signed copy of the Over the Counter / Prescribed Medication Administration form – if applicable

A completed Personal Articles Log

Cadets must travel to and from the training centre in C2-B Summer Dress.


Summer Course Selection Criteria


Each year, the squadron must complete a priority list for summer training.  The list for each course is compiled by determining the priority of each cadet applying.  Cadets should keep in mind that their priority position will depend on the course they are applying for, the number of applicants, the performance of the other applicants and the individual cadet’s assessment based on the following criteria:​

Selection Criteria


Attendance: Cadets will be given credit for every parade night and mandatory training activities they attend. To be a competitive applicant for a summer training course, Cadets need to have a high attendance percentage for mandatory training. Competitive applicants typically have 90% attendance or higher. 

Dedication: Cadets will be given credit for taking part in squadron teams and extra training (Band, Drill Team, Sports Teams, Marksmanship, Effective Speaking, Ground School, etc).

Commitment: Cadets will be given credit for commitment to the squadron through participation in community service activities and participation in optional training activities.

Training Level: Cadets will be given credit for the highest level they have achieved and their performance in that level.

Performance: Cadets will be given credit for their overall reliability, responsibility and performance as a cadet.  The Level Officer will provide this assessment.

Prohibitive Criteria

Qualification: No cadet will be prioritized for a summer course for which they are not qualified.  Qualifications may include years in cadets, training level, age or physical factors.  Full qualifications can be found in the summer training brochure.

Conduct: No cadet will be placed on a priority list who does not exhibit proper conduct expected of a cadet. Proper conduct is outline in the Cadet Code of Conduct, found in the Squadron Standing Orders.

Attendance: A cadet with inadequate attendance will not be placed on a summer training priority list. Any cadet with less than 70% attendance for mandatory training will not be considered.