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Pre-Departure Meeting: Wednesday February 21st at 8:30 in the NHS Cafeteria. All Cadets are required to attend with at least one parent/guardian. During the meeting Cadets will be issued their Squadron Jacket & EF Tours Backpack. We will also review all final departure information. This will be our last meeting before the trip.


Departure Info - Thursday March 8th 2018

Location: Optimist Hall - All Cadets must be dropped off at the Optimist Hall for kit check & to take the bus to the Airport. 

Time: TBA 

Return Info - Friday March 16th 2018 

Location: Optimist Hall 

Time: TBA

*As more information becomes available, it will be posted here. 


Emergency Contact During Trip: 

Lt. Mike Slack 


Phone: TBA

*Please do not contact staff members on trip. All information will be passed through Lt. Slack. 


To contact EF Tours in regards to your accont, payments or WeShare accout, call:

EF Tours Customer Care1-800-263-2806

Our EF Trip Number: 1980479VR

EF Tours Help Center - Link

EF Tours: WeShare Login


Code of Conduct & Expectations:


The expectations for Cadets while on the trip will be extremely high! While traveling Cadets will not only be representing the Squadron/Cadet Program, they will be representing Canada on international soil! 

The Cadet Code of Conduct should be reviewed by each cadet prior to departure. Cadets should be aware, that regardless of the laws in the UK & France, no Cadet is permitted to consume alcohol at any point during the trip. 

Serious issues with conduct, including (but not limited to) consumption or possession of drugs/alcohol, theft, purposely leaving the group or failing to follow directions from Staff/Tour Director will result in the Cadets immediate removal from the trip. Upon directions from the CO, EF Tours will arrange transportation and a flight back to Toronto at the parent/guardian’s expense.

Questions or concerns about the Cadet code of conduct and trip expectations can be address to the CO (


Please also read EF’s “Rules of the Road” to understand EF’s rules for the trip:


Dress Code: 


Cadets are required to wear their Squadron Jacket and Khaki, Navy Blue or Black pants. Jeans & Sweat/Exercise pants are not permitted. Cadets may only wear sweat pants when traveling on the first and last day to be more comfortable on aircraft.

Uniforms will no longer be worn on the trip. 

Cadets are reminded there are high expectations while traveling. Clothing should be appropriate & respectful at all times.

Cadets are also encouraged to bring one “dressier” outfit for the last dinner on Day 8. 


Kit List - Click Here


Baggage Restrictions

Cadets may only bring 1 checked bag and 1 carry-on bag (their EF tours backpack)

The maximum weight for one piece of luggage on most carriers is 25kg or 50lbs.

All Cadets have to lift their own luggage on and off the bus and carry it into their hotel rooms. Packing light, it essential—a good rule of thumb is that if you cannot carry your suitcase up and down a flight of stairs it is too heavy! You also want to leave room for any souvenirs you might pick up along the trip.  

Carry-On Luggage

Cadets cannot bring any liquids or gels through security check points unless they are travel sized (for example 100ml or less). Bottles of water are not permitted through the security check points at all.

Remember to pack all medications (clearly identified with your name on them) in your carry-on luggage.

For information on what you can and can not bring in your checked luggage, see the CATSA Website: