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WEEKLY announcements

Announcements for Wednesday November 30: 

  1. Online Fundraising - Help us raise funds to support the squadron. If every cadet raises $75, we can raise $10,000 for the squadron and a bald WOII Zhao! Details can be found here: Ojd5IQxM/view?usp=sharing 
  2. CO's Parade - Wed Dec 7 - at Newmarket High School (NHS) from 6:30-9:15 PM. Dress for the night is C1 dress (blue uniform) or FTUs with BERET if you do not have the C1 uniform. Reminder cadets are NOT to enter NHS before 6:30PM!
  3. Optional Training - Optional training runs from 7:00-9:00pm at the Optimist Hall. All cadets are welcome to join the Pipe and Drum Band, Drill Team, or Effective Speaking. Dress is civillian clothing. Doors open at 6:45pm. Questions about drill team can be directed to WOII Moroney ( and Band to Cpl Unsworth ( or CV Sourivong ( Questions for effective speaking can be directed to FSgt Kang ( 
  4. Sports Day - Sat Dec 3 - A training day filled with sports. Sports day will be held at Newmarket High School. You must attend this activity, or all 3 sports nights in order to pass your level. Registration can be found here: and is open until Nov 30th.
  5. Food Drive - The squadron is competing with the local Sea and Army cadets to see who can donate the most food. The winning unit gets to pie the highest ranking cadet and officer from the losing units. Make sure to bring your non-perishable goods, and bring lots, to the sports day on Dec 3rd, Optimist Hall on Dec 5th, or Newmarket High School on Dec 7th. 
  6. Mess Dinner - Wed Dec 21 - Participate in a mess dinner with your fellow cadets! The dinner will take place at NHS from 6:45 to 9:30. Further details and registration can be found here: 
  7. Ground School - Learn how to fly from the ground! Classes run on Sunday evenings weekly starting at 7:00PM. Questions can be directed to CI Jones (
  8. Merit Review Boards - Sat Jan 21 - A reminder that narratives are due on Dec 23rd if you wish to go through your MRB.
  9. Canteen - A reminder that the SSC is selling pizza at the canteen. Make sure to bring in money the week before to order your pizza.
  10. Supply - Cadets can now book an appointment to exchange uniform parts. This is not for new cadets or cadets who have already been sized for new uniforms in August/September. Use the "Book an Appointment for Uniform Exchange" button on the side of the page.