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94 Squadron - Supply Office

Our Squadron Supply provides all cadets with two free uniforms - the Field Training Uniform and the Air Cadet Dress Uniform. Our Supply is located at the Optimist Hall of Newmarket (55 Forhan Ave, Newmarket) and is open on Mondays from 7:00-9:00pm from Sept-June.

Supply Officer: Lt Thomas (

Replacement parts: In September of this year at the welcome back BBQ, you may have returned uniform parts. We are currently working on re-issuing new parts to cadets. When the replacements are ready, an announcement will be made on Wednesday nights, and an email will be sent to your Cadet365 account. Please monitor those, as we will be holding parts for two weeks after notification. If the parts are not picked up in a timely manner, they will be re-stocked or issued out if needed.

Reporting Lost/Damaged Uniform Items: Cadets must report lost/damaged items to the Supply Officer ASAP.

Returning Uniforms: Cadets who are leaving the cadet program need to return all issued uniform items washed/clean to the Supply Office on a Monday night between Sept-June. No appointment is necessary. Lost or damaged items may result in a replacement fee being charged to the cadet.