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2024 Summer Training Information

Summer Training Information Briefing - June 25 & June 27 - 7:30 for Cadets & Parents Meeting Link:


Below is information for Cadets who are attending summer training this summer. General questions can be directed to Capt Slack (, travel questions can be directed to CI Slack (

Pre-Departure Checklist:


  1. Read the 2024 Joining Instructions

  2. Read the CTC specific Joining Instructions

  3.  Print & Complete the Cadet Code of Conduct prior to departure.

  4. Ensure you have your Offer of Participation (this is your ticket in!). If you have lost your Offer of Participation, please email CI Slack (

  5. Review all common forms, and print and prepare required forms.


Required uniforms:

Cadets are expected to have the following uniforms:

Travel Information:

Travel information will be emailed to you (the cadet) by CI Slack. Travel information is usually not available until 3-5 days prior to departure. If you have not received your travel orders within 3-5 days of departure, please email CI Slack (


July 7 - Bus 1701 Newmarket Hub > Blackdown CTC (Intake)

Cadets traveling to Blackdown CTC on Sunday July 7th will be meeting at the Ray Twinney Complex (100 Eagle St.) at 7:30AM. The bus will be departing at 8:00AM.